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  • Detecting Plastic...

    What’s the minimum size of broken detectable plastic that can be detected with a metal detector?


    There is no straight forward answer to this question, as the answer is dependent on a) the type of plastic used in the detectable product b) the type of metal detector used to inspect the food and c) the type of food being processed. Each of the above three factors can affect the probability of detectable plastic being detected, as such it is unsafe practice to make general assumptions, and each application must be looked at on a case by case basis.

    It is recommended that end users test any detectable product and fragments of it on their inspection system prior to introducing the product in production areas.

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  • Bespoke Detectable Brushes

    A case study on the development and use of bespoke detectable brushes - for PTK-GB


    PTK are a leading global manufacturer ofDSCF0853
    pharmaceutical machinery, with sylish designs, robust structures, state of the art technology and high performance: rotary tablet presses, automatic capsule filling mahcines, coating machines and high speed mixers. Gareth Gregg, Manager at PTK GB first met BST Detectable Products at the 2015 PPMA show, where he saw the potential of using metal detectable products to improve the safety of his machinery and his clients maintenance operations.

    As well other bespoke developments, PTK GB specified to BST their requirement for shorter, more practical tube cleaning brushes that would be the ideal tool for cleaning their tablet presses, whilst offering additional protection from stray bristles causing contamination. As well as the FDA approved bristles being highly secure, they are also metal detectable, meaning that any stray bristle would be reliably detected and rejected by in line metal detection systems, which are already used on a routine basis to protect against metallic contamiantion of tablets.

    PTK GB made the following statement about their experience with BST Detectable Products:

    “While selecting the best quality tools for our machinery’s tool kit’s we had the idea to apply metal & x-ray detectable items to our range to optimise end product safety. BST were an easy choice of partner, as we share a focus on both quality and innovation, which are pre-requisites in the Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Environment in which we operate. Their energy and expertise continues to assist us in ground breaking new innovations relating to our niche working environment.

    PTK-GB have more than 25 years’ experience with the supply of Tablet Compression and Encapsulation machinery, as well as machine parts and Compression Tooling. The range offered by BST very much complements our existing product ranges and helps us in striving for higher levels of Good Manufacturing Practice.”

    Gareth Gregg ~ Manager ~ PTK-GB 시그니춰 좌우조합 단독

    Written by Will Anderson BSc (Hons), Head of Product Development & Marketing at BST Detectable Products

  • Now offering bespoke pen printing online!

    A case study on bespoke Detectapen® branding - for Metal Detection Services Ltd


    MDS are the CEIA UK distributor for industrial metal detection equipment in the food, pharmaceutical and textile industries. They supply and service metal detection systems, bespoke conveyor systems, data management systems and even offer a metal detector rental service.

    After experiencing problems with their existing metal detectable pens, MDS turned to BST for a higher quality product and service. BST
    utilised their expertise in silicone pad printing to offer MDS their Detectapen’s with bespoke full colour branding.
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  • NEW Developments...The Tie ID Tag

    A case study on the development and use of new food grade detectable ID tags - for FoodPro Manufacturing Ltd


    FoodPro Manufacturing Ltd, part of Browns food group, are a leading ready meal manufacturer with over 30 years’ experience, their customers include most of the major retailers as well as own brand products. Their range of products include frozen traditional, Indian, Italian and Chinese meals, as well as deserts. Their state of the art production facility in Wigan holds a Grade A BRC Global Standards Accreditation as well as numerous client approvals.

    With a second to none approach to quality and consistency, their state of the art facility has implemented a strict colour scheme for each high care production line. Brightly coloured PPE and metal detectable plastic ID tags form an essential part of the colour coordination scheme, so when their existing metal detectable tags started causing problems, BST were quick to step in and provide a smartly engineered alternative.

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  • High profile plastic contamination plagues the food industry

    High profile plastic contamination plagues the food industry

    February 2016 saw two very high profile
    product Chocolaterecalls caused by plastic contamination. Firstly we had the extensive recall of Mars chocolate covering 55 countries caused by red plastic fragments, followed shortly by an Oatibix recall where pieces of blue rubber were found in the flakes.

    Both incidents have inevitably caused huge expense to the companies involved, as well as a tarnished reputation. At this stage the general public do not know the root cause of contamination in either incident, however both incidents highlight the need for food processors to take precautions and display due diligence in the prevention of such “foreign body” contamination.

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  • More cost effective prices on heat resistant loop tags.

    We've cracked it...More cost effective prices on heat resistant loop tags!


    Metal detectable labels and tags for the food industry have been around for a while, however always at a considerable price premium.

    Detectable labels and tags work by having an aluminium foil core used to trigger a metal detector – it’s this foil core that adds the extra expense.

    BST have been working hard with our manufacturing partner to find a more cost effective foil core that doesn’t sacrifice on detectability performance. We’re pleased to say that in 2016, we’ve cracked it! As such we’re now proud to offer a stocked range of pre-printed and blank loop tags and self-adhesive tapes, all with highly detectable properties at cost effective prices!

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  • Detectable products moving towards mandatory?

    Will Anderson, Head of Products & Marketing at BST Detectable Products, talks about the company’s offering. BST Detectable Products are most well known for the BST DetectaPen, a metal detectable, x-ray visible and antibacterial pen which can be found in most food processing environments and preventing foreign body contamination without fuss.

    BST Detectable Products were first established in 1985 by Brian S. Teasdale, a former senior engineer at British Bakeries. He was the first engineer to address plastic contamination of food, and the company still bears his initials in their name. Today, the company is led by John S. Teasdale, who has driven growth in the company since taking over from his father in 2002. Today, BST Detectable Products stock over 300 different food safe detectable products, have a team of 21 staff and export to an overseas distribution network covering over 30 countries.

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  • BST branch out to offer complete depanner belt supply service

    BST are proud to be one of the UK’s primary suppliers of depanner
    belts and metal detectable depanner belt parts, used extensively in
    the manufacture of bread products and morning goods.

    Depanner Belt

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  • Preventing foreign bodies with detectable plastics

    Metal detection and x-ray inspection systems are tried, tested and often mandatory methods of reducing metallic and high density food contaminants. These inspection systems aren’t without their limitations however; primarily the inability to detect nonmetallic and low density contaminants such as plastics,
    rubbers and fabrics.


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  • Exciting new products at BST

    The New BST DetectaBox®

    The BST DetectaBox® is the latest and greatest product innovation from BST Detectable Products. The BST DetectaBox® is designed to address the problem of box fragments contaminating food products. This problem can occur whenever a food storage or handling box is subject to move wear and tear than usual and it is at risk
    of breaking or chipping.

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